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Pink Hibiscus !

At my uncle’s (jethu) house in Karimganj. It’s a hibiscus …. pink one. It was orange in color when it was a bud. i was hoping to see an orange bloom – but to my surprise it turned out to be a pink hibiscus. Well it’s beautiful too ! Jethu had cut few stems from the mother plant (which is grown in the ground at their backyard) and had regrown them in pot and plastic bag. I was very happy 

Wordless Wednesday …

…. It’s end of the year n we shouldn’t look back just keep going ahead – but sometimes it’s good to look back n learn ur mistake (n off course get clicked as well) …. my home town Andharmanick – West Bengal !

…. the old Banyan tree !

….. the old Banyan tree stands still for who knows how many years, when my maa (mother) was young – it was still like this. the curved road along it has changed and so have the people passing by, new houses are built … new vegetation has grown around. But the Banyan tree has seen it all … the good and the bad !!

Pretty girl …

HappyWordless Wednesday !!

… for u !

…little busy with my work otherwise i have made up my mind to write some lines even if i m post a pic … but i guess not today as i have tons of work to finish …  keep well n enjoy the moment of life -  Happy Wordless Wednesday !!