… for u !

...little busy with my work otherwise i have made up my mind to write some lines even if i m post a pic ... but i guess not today as i have tons of work to finish ...  keep well n enjoy the moment of life -  Happy Wordless Wednesday !!

Yellow Friday :)

I've been listening to radio mirchi about  "Ghar ki yaad aaye to ghar ka radio bajne de jara" ...... ( missing ur hometown then tune in to ur hometown radio ) ... !! I got excited as i am living in Delhi n yes !  i do miss bengali old songs. Thought like in Delhi we have "retro deewane" n…

Orange !

Orange is considered a warm color  ..... Orange brings up memories of fall leaves, pumpkins and Halloween. It symbolizes balance, warmth, enthusiasm, vibrance, flamboyancy, and is demanding of attention. Took this shot ... long time back ... in January ! Have a Great week :)