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Wordless Wednesday …. Gorgeous n Green !!

“Amazon lilly” -  Shibpur Botanical Garden (West Bengal) … if possible would love to go n visit the garden again – actually as many time as possible !!

rain … nature … plans !!

These days …. it’s been raining now n then – enjoying it !!  There’re more reasons to enjoy the weather …. my mom’s coming this week – will be going to Kolkata by the mid of next month … “Durga puja” is around the corner … n all this means more roaming around n more pics … so loving it  In the above pic. can see the black cloudy sky …. n so … this year too we’ll have guest. 

as beautiful …. as Leaves !!!

Not only flowers but the leaves can be as beautiful as colorful flowers …. Taken at my auntie’s house in Barasat (west bengal) …  a species of ferns. i guess they like wet humid places as i have seen these in west bengal  mostly grown every where …. even on trees. In Delhi n surrounding area – in olden days – people use to plant neem trees in their courtyard as its breeze  (thought to be n i guess that 

Yellow leaves …. !

This week …. will post different colors everyday … dedicating it as colorful week !!! …. but off course there isn’t anything colorful about the Delhi’s wheather …. it’s dry n still dry – well it’s better than dust strom Have a nice day … n have a Great weekend …. n as bright as Yellow !!

Rain … rain thanks for coming again :)

Rain is back in town again … so happy – i simply love rain n the atmosphere created by it … mysterious n poetic !! Had taken other photos will publish them soon …