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end or beginning of a new year ….

….. well for me it’s a brand new day that will lead to another new day and so on …. if one thinks of it – it might gets complex and philosophical – i love both ! Anyway life is still the same …. beautiful and full of tension and worries. There so many things to be done and achieve …. one nice thing is that i have lost weight and have more or less kept it there. i am hoping 

Happy New Year … 2011 !!

It’s been a new day of a new month of a new year … the year 2011 !! Excited about the coming year ? … well i really don’t know – i guess i m too busy with my present that i actually can’t think of the whole year together. i guess everybody is curious to know the unknow n so am i …. almost mystry ( if u r one of those melodramatic type … sorry but i m 

Subho Noboborsho :)

It’s Bengali New Year …. so Happy New Year to all !!! It’s a very special day for the bengalis … we celebrate it like Durga puja … eat  n have fun – n off course wear new colthes too …. wish everyone have a Great year ahead with good heatlh … n good rain too – ha ha !!!