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Pretty Pink Flowers …. Small but Beautiful !!!

These small pink flower grow mostly in summer … hasn’t rain much this summer – these flowers cut the summer heat a bit.

Started morning walk …

As i wrote earlier – i want to lose 7 kgs by 29th August ’09 but wasn’t doing any exercise. Well from this Sunday i have started my morning walk …. n yes ! evening walk too. I took some photos of my favourite flower. My brother said -  “you went for a exercise walk or to take photos”.  Well every sunday I’ll take my camera with me n for the rest of the week days i’ll do my exercise 

Collages … ” colorful – refresh – white “

“Colorful flowers collage” “Fresh Green Collage” “White flowers collage” For this hot ..hot .. summer – these colorful and refreshing green and white collage. So that my eyes can get some relaxation.