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F for …

F for …. Fish at my uncle’s house (Andharmanick) – F for …. Frangipani¬† Flower from my garden (Delhi) – F for …. Ferrero Rocher brought by my mom from Denmark !! Happy Wordless Wendesday n off course …. Enjoy the Independence Day !!

Pink Hibiscus !

At my uncle’s (jethu) house in Karimganj. It’s a hibiscus …. pink one. It was orange in color when it was a bud. i was hoping to see an orange bloom – but to my surprise it turned out to be a pink hibiscus. Well it’s beautiful too ! Jethu had cut few stems from the mother plant (which is grown in the ground at their backyard) and had regrown them in pot and plastic bag. I was very happy 

Pretty girl …

HappyWordless Wednesday !!

Yellow Friday :)

I’ve been listening to radio mirchi about¬† “Ghar ki yaad aaye to ghar ka radio bajne de jara” …… ( missing ur hometown then tune in to ur hometown radio ) … !! I got excited as i am living in Delhi n yes !¬† i do miss bengali old songs. Thought like in Delhi we have “retro deewane” n “purani jeans” … mirchi kolkata too will have something similar – where old bengali songs are played. So finally called 

Small … but Beautiful..!!!

I noticed one thing – wild flower are so different n exotic … very colorful too. I like these type of wild grown flower. i call them “Spring flower” These are very tiny flower that spread on the surface of the ground. i simply love its tiny dark light pink shade – so i brought one of them home. They are grown abundantly in a near by park’s pond. Unfortuntely they are seasonal – my plant is drying. Very few