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A for …..

A for Ants …. at Kokilpara. North 24 Parganas  – A for Arch … Norway Fort – A for Apple … my father’s office Denmark. p.s. trying to start a new series “A to Z” for Wordless Wednesday !!Word

“The Castle of Sound Dues”

When i n my brother went to Denmark (where my father has been posted) last year (September) …. we went to this castle called Kronborg in Helsingor. Kronborg is a castle situated in the town of Helsingor in Denmark. Originally when it was built in 1420s by a Danish King – Eric of Pomerania, it was a fortress. The King insisted that every ship that move in or out of the Baltic sea passing through the sound had to pay 

Copenhagen …

Denmark is a beautiful but pretty cold country. My mom was saying that this year in particular they had to wear a light jacket through out the year … even in summer months. When we visited Denmark in mid-september – the weather was cold n windy. We couldn’t see much in Copenhagen … well not because we stayed there for 4 days (4 days are quite enough to see a place as a tourist)  – but actually we were visiting 

Little Mermaid !!

It’s been quite a long time that i have been back from Denmark … the trip was really very nice. Went to Osolo (Norway), to Bern  and the surrounding in Switzerland, then to Paris (France) from there, then back to Denmark … and that too in 15 days ! My Parents stays in Copenhagen … i will write about my trip  in detail little by little otherwise things will get little boring – off course not the photos ! i 

Waiting for her … next year !!!

“Maa Dugra” came to her parents house n now gone back to her own house Kailash …. Every Bengali waits for her arrival . . enjoy her stay n later says a sad bye n again wait for her coming next year !!! That’s the beauty of Durga puja …. actually beauty of everything …. u wait – enjoy – say bye – n wait for it again … I too was enjoying the waiting … but there was double