Waiting for her … next year !!!




“Maa Dugra” came to her parents house n now gone back to her own house Kailash …. Every Bengali waits for her arrival . . enjoy her stay n later says a sad bye n again wait for her coming next year !!! That’s the beauty of Durga puja …. actually beauty of everything …. u wait – enjoy – say bye – n wait for it again …

I too was enjoying the waiting … but there was double joy as my mom was coming from Denmark (Copenhagen) – actually our doggy Beelu is suffering from lymphoma but the nice thing is that he is getting better with kemotherapy n ayeaurdevic medicine … feeling good about that ..

Even our maternal aunty n uncle has come from Kolkata (they came on Doshomi) … so our hangover of Durga puja is still on !!

How i spend my Durga puja ? … well worked most of the day – even on “astami” did some work … went out too – went to C R Park … saw few puja pandal – actually there r many puja pandal there n we didn’t know the way to all of them – asked or followed the crowed … but it was fun !!! My brother wanted to see more puja but my mom wanted to come back home as Beelu was sad when we left home so she wanted to come back befor dark …. so we had a little argument on that … finally we came back but bhiya said he won’t go to any puja any more … all the way back to home was very quite n awefull !

On Navami  … went to  somebody’s (we live near by in our home town “Andhermanik”) house for lunch … Lunch was nice esp. the “tomato chatni” … that was awesome !! They will be coming to our place on 2nd oct. for “Brai” (Bar-be-que … in South Africa it’s called Brai) … so looking forward to that too 🙂

Yes waiting to go to Kolkata … but have to finish tons of work before i leave for Kolkata on 21th oct. will take lots n lots of photos there n enjoy my stay !!!

Life will go on n so is the waiting …. off course waiting for Maa Durga to come next year …  n for my “Baba” (father) … next year he will be coming to visits us from Copenhagen … so keep waiting n enjoy it 🙂