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C for Cats !!

Cats from my Aunty’s house – Barasat (West Bengal)

The little kitten !

She is called “Mini”. This isn’t my auntie’s pet but they (3 of them) generally roam around auntie’s house n when they call her by her giving name … these cats gather around auntie’s varanda or backyard – and eat rice n fish. Few months ago – Mini gave birth to some kitten at auntie’s house. She thought … she will let them stay for few days n then she will “shu” them out ! but that few days became 

Rain …

Last night it started to rain (the way i like – thunder shower) at around 3 in the morning and it’s still drizziling now n then …. even though the road are flood with rain water n it’s all “pich-pich” …. but still i like it ! I actually love rain … in different places with different enjoyment !! ROMEĀ  …. the wet cold rainy days n nights were memorable. Love the warmth of my room … the clean roads 

Pretty girl …

HappyWordless Wednesday !!

Hide n Seek ….

At my mashima’s house in Barasat (West Bengal) …. i love the texture created by those leaves – looking through their gaps is amazing !! n i love green …. nature – n those little green leaves make a beautiful bokeh (those blur leaves in the background) too