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Color my life …. Pink !!

  Let me start a fresh beginning at my blog …. and this time round without being lazy …. just like my Pink and White bougainvillea … adding color to my life and garden ….. i too will add different shades of my thought and moods to my blog …. let’s hope for the best !!  

H for ….

H for Hibiscus …. H for Hen …. H for Henna …. n H for Happiness – but it’s not a happpy moment for us …. rather sad. One of my cousin was suffering from Brain Tumor but her operation was succussful n was back home …. she was improving too but on Sunday 3rd Sept. she left us all. It was not expected as she was improving …. i still feel it’s unreal or dream – where ever she 

G for ….

G for Green … from my garden n around – also from my uncle’s garden. Happy Wordless Wednesday Day !

F for …

F for …. Fish at my uncle’s house (Andharmanick) – F for …. Frangipani¬† Flower from my garden (Delhi) – F for …. Ferrero Rocher brought by my mom from Denmark !! Happy Wordless Wendesday n off course …. Enjoy the Independence Day !!

E for …

E for … earings – Earings for West Bengal … made of jute n wooden beads – Pink Jumki for Delhi – Mosaic blue earings … from Brazil !! Happy Wordless Wendesday