Rainy … wet days !!

It’s more than a week that my mom has come from Denmark. Got busy with household work …. she likes cleaner house. It has been raining all these months … n it’s still raining. This is quite unusual in Delhi.

Few days ago, we went to our so called auntie’s house … it was her daughter’s daughter’s b’day. She (Disha) is 3years old and is very fond of our dogy “Beelu n Peelu”. Whenever she wants to visit us she would say “i want to go to Beelu n Peelu’s house”. Even that day she was saying … “when will Beelu n Peelu come to our house ?” So as a gift i gave her a soft toy (dogy) – she was very happy told everyone “Mani mashi gave me Beelu n Peelu” !!

After all this rain …. my plants are very much alive and happy. My mint herbs were dying but now they are spreading nearly all over the pot.  White “Butterfly pea” flower plant is creeping beautifully …. will have to change it’s pot – right now it’s in a comparatively small pot. Let’s see when i get time to do that.

Quite busy with my boutique as  i will be going to Kolkata on 15 sept. So has to finish some work before i leave. My mom brought a Vaio (sony) laptop for me n nokia cellphone  …. so i m writing this post on my new laptop 🙂 Have a relaxing Sunday n a great sunny week !! … p.s. i won’t mind a wet week as i still love rain but i’m sure others are fadup of traffic jams n those long hours waiting to get to the office n back home  …. so a sunny week won’t be a bad idea !!