FIFA fever …

I wish it rains n that too soon ….

The temperature is reaching the level of unbearable in Delhi …. but as for South Africa it’s sizziling hot – even though it’s winter there … their temperature still is feverish hot …. Fever of FIFA world cup 2010  (hosting by South Africa).

We’re in Durban (South Africa) – when France was hosting the fifa world cup (1998) n they won it too … beating Brazil by 3-0  but honestly that match was not at all exciting as Brazil played very badly …. it didn’t feel like the final match – but still happy for France. Is France my favorite team ? – not really …. i guess i support Italy !!!

As we’re in Italy in year 1991 – 1994 …. at that time fifa world cup 1994 was hosted by USA  – Italy lost the final match to Brazil in penalty shootout 3-2 (this was the first world cup to be decided on penalties). Roberto Baggio missed the penalty shot … i guess he was the captain then n my favorite striker too.  No ! i didn’t cry … not that great fan of football – but yes i enjoy watching it … especially quater finals to final matches.

We’re in India … when Italy won the fifia world cup in 2006 which was hosted by Germany. Italy beat Germay in the final match … it  was a AWESOME match. My mom was little upset as she was supporting Germany. My parents are huge fan of football esp. the world cup ! They’re in Denmark right now … so they won’t  have any time difference thing to worry about. They will watch all the matches at the same time when it is being played in South Africa.

Here in India … we’ll be watch at a time difference of 4 hours. I know the final match will be played in the evening n in India we will be watching it at 11 pm (most probably)… but the good thing is that the game is played for 90 minutes only – so it will be over by  1am (hopefully if no extra time is needed).

Even though i love when the players are given yellow n red cards ….as  fouls add extra spices to the game … for me football still is a classic game …. it has excitement and at the same time elegance too . I love when the whole stadium sings n create a wonderful sound … this happens esp. when European teams play – it adds a thrill to the match. I just love it  !!!

It’s exciting who will win this year …. so All the Best to all the teams 🙂