End …. of a turning in life !


April 23rd 2010 – Beelu left us at 13:57  friday. He was suffering from lymphoma. Fought bravely against it but at last  couldn’t take those strong medicines anymore.

Those last moments were painful n cannot be forgetten even if we try very hard ….. but yes we should always try to remember those happy and memoriable time when he was with us and cheerish his love for us. He will always be in our heart n so he is actually alive n will stay with us ALWAYS !!!

My brother Joyda …. is extremly fond of him …. not that other aren’t but he was the one who took the initiative  to adopt him n later Peelu. He once again took the initiative of getting Beelu back by keeping his DNA n cloning him in the coming 5th to 6th year. Right now cloning is little expensive – hope we can get his DNA extrated on time and can keep it safe with some company.

He  was … no no – he still is our brother as maa took care of him just like his very own son … they’re  in Denmark right now … very sad yet keeping themself strong n consoling us …. God bless our Loving brother Beelu … he will always be in our memories n heart !!!

In his memories ….

When u go for  walk along that grassy path

the dew wetting ur feet – u can see me play around those tree.

will walk along u on that dusty road ….

would be able to see me as u close ur eyes.

In your memories i will live …

And then …..
One fine morning   i will come again – forever!!!