Collections of R. K. Narayan

One of my favourite written is R. K. Narayan. I read some of his novels n liked them all. All his novels are execllent but among them my favourite are :

“The Swami & Friends”  (his 1st novel – 1935) , “The English Teacher”  (3rd novel – 1945) , “The Guide” – 1958, “The Man-Eater of Malgudi” – 1962 , “The Talkative Man” – 1986 , Last but not the least –  “My Days”  (his autobiography).

No one can ever imagine that the town “Malgudi” doesn’t exist. In every novels  – the description of the town is interliked.  Love his way of writing : Simple and very impressive. Descriptive but not boring. One can imagine the roads n the houses on it – the people n their activities – the river bank n their sourrounding.

His own life (as written in “My Days”) is as creative as his on writing. After reading that he could communicate with his dead wife – i got somehow reliefed. Hoping that i too can communicate with my loved ones when they are no more ….