How to Care Bougainvillea

I have a yellow Bougainvillea – which i used to water constantly and fertilizer – pinch only. Always wondered why doesn’t it flower. In the meantime we went to Kolkata (couldn’t water it much) – when we got back saw it started to bloom. I began to wonder more!! Then i read it somewhere how to take care a bougainvillea…

Bougainvillea are rapaid growing vines and flower all year in warm climates – esp. when pinched or pruned. They grow best in moist fertile soil. Bloom period are generally 4-6 weeks. Best grown in very bright full sun and with frequent fertilization – they requires little water to flower – ( These vines are heavy feeders and respond best to almost constant feeding).

If overwatered, they will not flower and may loose leaves or wilt even die from root decay. These vines generally lose leaves for short time during winter but if light conditions are low – leaf lose may occour any time. These plants flower maximum time of the year with high light and constant feeding – keep it slightly on the dry side and allow the plant to spread its roots to maximum.

Bougainvillea – a native of South America (Brazil in particular) is a decidious (leaf shading) climbing woody vines. Tiny white flowers usually appear in clusters surrounded by colourful papery bracts – and so the name paper flower.

They are found in single and double flower types. Bougainvillea are easily grown as hedges, an arch or trees. They are also ideal for bonsai too.

They grow readily from cutting 4″ – 6″ long and in 4-6 weeks they will develop good root system:

when kept moist and in high shade without letting direct sunlight.

Well drained soil mix potting is suitable for growing in it.

When repotting annually – slice the outer of the root ball by 1″ to 2′. Repot in the same size container (clay containers are appropriate as they tend to stay drier – thus stressing the plant).

Bougainvillea are almost insect free. If any can be treated with a mixture of oil(any edible oil) and little detergent powder.

So Best of Luck!!!