Flower plant from Karimganj…


Flower plant from Karimganj and Kolkata …

Greenery always makes me happy and relex, I simply love plants – flowering or non flowering. Different types and variety always have a positive effect on me. After visiting my jethu’s (uncle) house in Karimganj (Assam), I am keen to look after my garden with more effort and care – having more variety and they (plants) all should look healthy and fresh.

I’m planning to put a shed on top of my garden – it is on the roof-top, so they get burnt by the hot sun.

Last month from kolkata – I bought 2 flowering plants; one rose (junior rose with small off white colour) and the other is Kundo (bengali name) – creepery type with half open white small flower – outside is pale onion colour. Looks really nice. I brought 2 more plants from jethu’s house – one’s junior rose with 5 petal deep pink in colour. The grow in bunch & they look extremly beautiful.  The other one – do not know the name. dsc01457-garden-flaflower21This is how they looked at jethu’s house mine is still a small plant. Hope it will survive – I have heard they’re tuff plants and survive in extrem conditions. Lets hope for the best.  I have also brought many seeds of other flowering plant and some seeds of green chilly too.

There are 2 types – normally green chillies are hot but this particular chilly (from jethu’s house) has a beautiful flavour as well. The other one my dida (grandmother) gave are tiny in size but mind blowing hot. Hot – very hot without any flavour. They are called Dhani lanka (lanka = chilly in bengali). They face the sky instead of hanging down from the branch.

At jethu’s house – he has planted Naaga lanka. They are the hottest chillies found in the world. They are grown mostly in Nagaland (Assam) – hence the name Naaga and are exported around the world. They are long and thick just like the shape of a thum.