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White flower !

i sometime wonder how i love nature and enjoy taking its photos. In the morning light – even the most normal things look absolutely splendid! At my uncle’s house in Karimganj – Assam.

Good Morning!

Road side wild flower. These flower hang down – so didn’t know they look so beautiful.

White Beauty…

Beautiful! isn’t it. Do not know the name. Road side wild flower.

White Flowers

Micro roadside wild flower. Beautiful! isn’t it. Taken in Adharmanick (West Bengal).

Flower plant from Karimganj…

Flower plant from Karimganj and Kolkata … Greenery always makes me happy and relex, I simply love plants – flowering or non flowering. Different types and variety always have a positive effect on me. After visiting my jethu’s (uncle) house in Karimganj (Assam), I am keen to look after my garden with more effort and care – having more variety and they (plants) all should look healthy and fresh. I’m planning to put a shed on top of my garden