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Yellow Friday :)

I’ve been listening to radio mirchi about  “Ghar ki yaad aaye to ghar ka radio bajne de jara” …… ( missing ur hometown then tune in to ur hometown radio ) … !! I got excited as i am living in Delhi n yes !  i do miss bengali old songs. Thought like in Delhi we have “retro deewane” n “purani jeans” … mirchi kolkata too will have something similar – where old bengali songs are played. So finally called 

it’s Friday again ….

….  all Yellow n merry as weekend starts from tonight …. Party time ? – not really have tons of work to finish by tomorrow morning !! But  will have a great weekend i m sure … u all too Enjoy it

The Bright n The Beautiful !!

I was reading in many blogs about “wordless wednesday” … so i thought why not start a new series  ____ “Sunny Sundays” as to start the week ahead with a Bright note … with a smile on the face so here’s the 1st one …… ” The Bright n The Beautiful ! ” Can dedicate this to my maa on mother’s day …. but i feel mother is someone so special that to her honour everyday is mother’s day … 

Pretty Pink Flowers …. Small but Beautiful !!!

These small pink flower grow mostly in summer … hasn’t rain much this summer – these flowers cut the summer heat a bit.

Collages … ” colorful – refresh – white “

“Colorful flowers collage” “Fresh Green Collage” “White flowers collage” For this hot ..hot .. summer – these colorful and refreshing green and white collage. So that my eyes can get some relaxation.