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Lazy Sundays : Hibiscus from my garden !!

This september when i went to Kolkata … i had planned to buy my flowering  and non-flowering plants (it’s easy to bring them by train rather than by air). But my mom said “take 1 or 2 and make it survive – if they did then buy more next year”. So i just bought this five face red hibiscus (actually i wanted that deep dark red … but  this is pretty too). Before my mom left for Denmark …. she 

Love towards nature :)

From everything else – i love nature the most. Flora n fauna – river – mountain – sea beaches – rain or anything that are associated with nature…. At my aunty’s house (one that lives in Barasat) – there is a plant called “Rongona” on both side of her entrance gate. Those are Chinese rongana ; a bit orangish in color. The real Rongona …. well for me this one is the original as i saw that one first n 

Exotic red flower

In bengali we call this plant “Kocha-er gachh” (gachh= plant). So the flower would be call “Kocha-er phool” (phool= flower). Taken at my Sona mami’s house. This plant are found in wild – people also use is to fence their boundary. Seems like an exotic red flower.