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How to Care Bougainvillea

I have a yellow Bougainvillea – which i used to water constantly and fertilizer – pinch only. Always wondered why doesn’t it flower. In the meantime we went to Kolkata (couldn’t water it much) – when we got back saw it started to bloom. I began to wonder more!! Then i read it somewhere how to take care a bougainvillea… Bougainvillea are rapaid growing vines and flower all year in warm climates – esp. when pinched or pruned. They grow 

Pink Bougainvillea

Lovely! just like its name. Grown around the SPG complex (New Delhi)- where we take our dogies for walk.  I am planning to cut a stem of this plant in rainny season and plant it in a pot at home. One of my aunty gave me an idea to plant different color bougainvillea in one big pot – it will like very colorful.