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Life …. and rain lilies – Zephyranthes !!

The mercury has dipped a bit and the moody “Rain God” does oblige us now and then … Life is more or less pretty cool (yes little humid too) these days – except that i have a 17 mm stone in my gall bladder which has to be removed by operation (minor one). It doesn’t hurt or creates any sort of disturbance but i am told by the doctor (my regular homeopathy doctor – and many other doctors which my 

Mint …. from my Garden !!

This January – when i came back from jethu’s home (Karimganj – Assam) – i brought few plants with me. Jethu has the best garden i have ever seen … actually their weather is moist due to high humidity and cool through out the year – unlike our Delhi weather … unbearable hot in summer and extreme cold in winter. Not only the weather is good at Karimganj – but he looks after his plants very well.  For a matter 

Mini Sunflower ?

It’s Wedelia …. but it does look very much like a sunflower and why not it belong to the sunflower family. Wedelia can be catagorise as weed – plant and wildflower. For me they’re creepers too. My uncle brought it from Bangalore (Bengaluru) – it is not that it cannot found in Delhi but he liked the yellow flower and brought a small plant for me. This year i have repoted it in a bigger pot  …. it also has 

Pink Rose !

Going for a Holiday !

Beautiful rose !!

Last sunday bought a rose plant from a plant vendor. i always wanted to plant a rose plant but they’re quite fussy and get infected by so many different bugs and i really do not get that much time to look after them all the time. But i couldn’t resist myself and finally bought this one. It’s a very common one and most of the people won’t ever get excited about it … it is that common – but i