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Kheer Aam … Thickened milk with mango !

  i have read a lot about Kheer-Komola … “Thickened milk with orange”. When i first read about kheer komola on the net – i thought how can milk and orange can be used together …. won’t it curdle ? – but later i realised (when i read about orange barfi) that when the milk thickens – its consistency changes and it won’t curdle despite being mixed with orange. Now to make Kheer Komola …. i will have to wait 

Namkeen Poha !!

Chire-poha-flak rice – they’re all the same. For me chire is associate with misti dahi and sandesh – ripe jackfruit and juicy mango. These are eaten on “Jamai-Shosti” – a festival where daughter’s parents express their love towards their son-in-law … a sort of Son-in-law Day like Father Day or Mother Day. When i was very young – we used to go to our Nani’s house on this day and use to enjoy the special treat. Even on many puja 

Gujiya … sweet n salty !

Why gujiyas are made on Holi? – i wonder. On this my neighbouring Tanwar aunty said – ” The reason is to celebrate the end of dull and dry chilled winter and to welcome the colorful spring with colors of Holi”. i still didn’t get why gujiya? She said – ” Look when someone gets bored – they tend to like crispy and flavour full sweet things – which they can eat and share with their neighbours – as we 

Tomato cream with Tuna … Pasta !

First time i ate pasta was when i was in grade 7 in Rome (Italy). i was in an international British school (St.George’s English School). It was a Friday – so for lunch we has fish finger n french fries – ice-cream and spaghetti (pasta). i was going to eat pasta for the first time and that too spaghetti – it wouldn’t have been difficult if it were penne or farfalle or any other kind …. but i was saved 

Coconut Barfi !

When i went to Karimganj with my uncle … i had many yummy food to eat. There one can’t get good sweetmeat to buy from market …. so pishima (auntie) made these for us. First phrase :- Finely  grate fresh coconut. In a deep pan put the grated coconut – add sugar or data molasses. Quantity of sugar to grated coconut would be 1:3. Stir slowly but continuously on low heat. Sugar will melt and the mixture would be quite