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Mini Sunflower ?

It’s Wedelia …. but it does look very much like a sunflower and why not it belong to the sunflower family. Wedelia can be catagorise as weed – plant and wildflower. For me they’re creepers too. My uncle brought it from Bangalore (Bengaluru) – it is not that it cannot found in Delhi but he liked the yellow flower and brought a small plant for me. This year i have repoted it in a bigger potĀ  …. it also has 

The Bright n The Beautiful !!

I was reading in many blogs about “wordless wednesday” … so i thought why not start a new seriesĀ  ____ “Sunny Sundays” as to start the week ahead with a Bright note … with a smile on the face so here’s the 1st one …… ” The Bright n The Beautiful ! ” Can dedicate this to my maa on mother’s day …. but i feel mother is someone so special that to her honour everyday is mother’s day … 

Yellow … yellow all the way!

Mustard flower at Jethu’s house Karimganj – Assam.

Yellow Bougainvillea!

Yellow Bougainvillea!