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C for Cats !!

Cats from my Aunty’s house – Barasat (West Bengal)

Ganga ghat …

It’s one of the ghat on the “holy” river Ganga … but looking at it – it doesn’t really look like holy (atleast not any more).  Just look at the colour of the water  …. it’s mud colour – n still people are bathing and washing their clothes. It seems useless to clean one self or clothes in this dirty water …. those body or clothes might be much cleaner than the river water. Actually this is not a temple 

Wordless Wednesday …. Gorgeous n Green !!

“Amazon lilly” -  Shibpur Botanical Garden (West Bengal) … if possible would love to go n visit the garden again – actually as many time as possible !!

Wordless Wednesday …

…. It’s end of the year n we shouldn’t look back just keep going ahead – but sometimes it’s good to look back n learn ur mistake (n off course get clicked as well) …. my home town Andharmanick – West Bengal !

…. the old Banyan tree !

….. the old Banyan tree stands still for who knows how many years, when my maa (mother) was young – it was still like this. the curved road along it has changed and so have the people passing by, new houses are built … new vegetation has grown around. But the Banyan tree has seen it all … the good and the bad !!