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Art and all …

Raghu … he is younger uncle’s son and the only child in their house. He is always cheerful and ever ready to play. Even before we’re getting ready for dinner – he would say, “let’s play for 10 mins.” Everybody would say,”let mani (that’s my name) didi (elder sister) take some rest”. On that he would say,”okay – then let’s play for 5 mins”. He love to draw and to color his creations. He is now in grade 1 and 

Journey to Karimganj

JOURNEY TO KARIMGANJ … This January went to Karimganj with my uncle (jethu) to visit their home – they have adopted a son name Raghu. He is a sweet little kid – very cheerful and extremely friendly. We took the Sealdah Rajdhani on 7th Jan. 09. On 6th Jan.09 Sealdah Rajdhani got canceled due to fog – so we were praying it may get delayed – that’s fine but shouldn’t get canceled. It was running late by 3 hrs. –