Mussoorie Trip (Last Part)

This post is the continuation of Mussoorie Trip – Part 1

This blog post is going to be more like a photo blog post … there are many reasons for that : first, it has been a long time (should have written is much earlier) even though the walk to the Lal Tibba was the most happening thing in that whole trip. Secondly, have been to new places and want to write about them … if I don’t finish this one – cannot start the new ones. Third, little lazy to write a long post – more over it was the feeling that gave us so much enjoyment that day … and it is hard to write a long post on feelings – i am pretty sure everyone will understand and accept that.

This is how the Mussoorie valley n town looks like is the early morning … i was very sure that no one is going to wake up early the next day as promised the night before … [read Mussoorie Trip – Part 1]. So me n Maa went for a morning walk … i was really very happy to see those crowded roads so empty n the surrounding was very clam n peaceful. You would have the time to stop and see the actual beauty of Mussoorie without bumping into aother person. Yes loved the morning walk … and i would recommend it to everyone going to Mussoorie – it was really good !

After coming back from the morning walk … we didn’t do much. Lazily went for breakfast after which we all wanted to go for a long walk but it was too hot n sunny – (though Maa and i went out for half an hour as i wanted to buy books of one of my fav. author ie. Ruskin Bond). After we came back – we all sit together in the balcony of the hotel room – drank hot chocolate with soya milk n ate peanut butter bread sandwich – and chit-chat on things in general.

The walk to the Lal Tibba was great fun. Actually almost everyone drive up to the top … very few (and i mean very few) like us walk all the way to the Lal Tibba and back. The road was superb as you can see in the pic. above. We walked slowly and steadily and of course clicked many photos on our way. Not only us even little Oliva had a awesome time and kept us entertained as well. She was mad about her Humpty-Dumpty … when ever Oliva sees a rock or a elevated foot stepping place – she would insist we pick her up and put her in that place and sing Humpty-Dumpty rhyme and she would jump (pretending falling like Humpty) and we have to catch her. So yes we all had tons of laughter n fun.
And there is this famous “Char Dukan” … they are four shops selling eateries. There were cafes too [just on the left and hence out of my frame] but we preferred these four shops. That day, I had the most delicious lemon ginger tea – ever ! I normally do not drink tea (or coffee as a matter of fact) but after having a sip – i could not stop myself till i finish the whole cup and i could have drank another 3-4 cups of it … i liked it so much. And yes … the momos and maggie were good too.
The church was just before the “Char Dukan” … we actually didn’t go inside as we were hungry and wanted to eat. But of course the church did look inviting and we still skipped it.
When we reached Lal Tibba … the sun was about to set. We had a little bad luck as there were big dark clouds in the western sky. So we could not see a marvelous sunset but still what we saw was great … i guess sunsets in general are always mesmerizing no matter what may come.

It was getting dark and we had to walk all the way back to Picture Palace point. So we took the same road that we had taken up hill otherwise we could have gone around that mountain and made a circle at “Char Dukan”. That day we realized, climbing down hill was faster but very tiring for the legs. After reaching the hotel … we ate dinner – sat for sometime discussing how the hotel and its services was and how it has changed from the last time my brother has visited it.

Then again we made plans to go for a early morning walk the very next day … but the Rain God had something else for us. The next morning we heard a storm … we even did not dare to look outside as it sounded so scary – like someone was hampering the tinned rooftop. Laying in that cozy bed I felt safe (of course) and at the same time a bit thrilled without even going out. Well that was the end of our trip to Mussoorie. The road trip back to Delhi was non-happening.

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