The complete Adventures of Feluda by “Satyajit Ray”

“The Complete Adventures of Feluda” (vol.1) – I finished it last month and dying to buy its vol.2. Next time I go out – I’ll make sure that I buy it.

Originally its written by Satyajit Ray in Bengali. As my Bengali is very poor (which i am working on) – I prefer to read the translation of it by Gopa Mujumdar. She is good too and has done a real good job. I am looking forward towards her translation of Satyajit Ray’s cinematic writings.

“Feluda” is like a Indian version of Sherlock Holmes – but I guess “Feluda’s” adventure are more informative. By informative – I mean general knowledge. Knowledge about antique, sculpture of Ellora, monk of Ladhak. Knowledge of places like Rajasthan, Gangtok, Darjeeling, Bombay, Shimla and many more. We should keep in mind that the stories were written in 70s and 80s and for youngest. At that period of time many people were not able to travel to so many places. So this stories provide them a scenario of these places.

In many places in the stories – Satyajit Ray ji has hinted that simple description and writing in the best and so it is. Simple writing but creates the perfect picture.

I really enjoyed it. In Bengali, it must have been much better.