Coconut Ladoo ….

Yesterday ¬†morning when i went on my rooftop to see and water the plants …. i saw these long and fragile fungus like mushroom . Took few photos and began to wonder – nature is so amazing ….. it creates weird as well as stunning things. We mere human can only watch and adore … i always tell people to take little time out of their busy schedule and look around …. enjoy the nature …. breath some fresh air 

Color my life …. Pink !!

  Let me start a fresh beginning at my blog …. and this time round without being lazy …. just like my Pink and White bougainvillea … adding color to my life and garden ….. i too will add different shades of my thought and moods to my blog …. let’s hope for the best !!  

Kheer Aam … Thickened milk with mango !

Delicious Kheer Aam !! i have read a lot about Kheer-Komola … “Thickened milk with orange”. When i first read about kheer komola on the net – i thought how can milk and orange can be used together …. won’t it curdle ? – but later i realised (when i read about orange barfi) that when the milk thickens – its consistency changes and it won’t curdle despite being mixed with orange. Now to make Kheer Komola …. i will 

Life …. and rain lilies – Zephyranthes !!

The mercury has dipped a bit and the moody “Rain God” does oblige us now and then … Life is more or less pretty cool (yes little humid too) these days – except that i have a 17 mm stone in my gall bladder which has to be removed by operation (minor one). It doesn’t hurt or creates any sort of disturbance but i am told by the doctor (my regular homeopathy doctor – and many other doctors which my 

Mint …. from my Garden !!

This January – when i came back from jethu’s home (Karimganj – Assam) – i brought few plants with me. Jethu has the best garden i have ever seen … actually their weather is moist due to high humidity and cool through out the year – unlike our Delhi weather … unbearable hot in summer and extreme cold in winter. Not only the weather is good at Karimganj – but he looks after his plants very well. ¬†For a matter