End of a Soulful Life ….

One of my uncle (Deven meshomoshi) passed way on the night of 21st March ! He had malignant brain tumor – most rare and highly dangerous. This type of tumor spreads very fast and survival chance are almost nil. They (Anupam and Animesh … his sons) tried their best to get him well – but alas … their attempt  to make him well again  – failed.

No one can understand or can feel the pain they’re going through … i or our family too feel sad and pain but the emotion crisis they are going through is beyond our reach. Also we’re far from that scenario … that also  ease the suffering.

My maa and grand maa have come to Ghaziabad from Kolkata less than a week ago. On hearing the sad news – grand maa was really in bad state of mind …. it’s her daughter’s husband that she has lose. i went to meet her and everybody else. i talked to her and tried to made her understand that the disease was hard to cure. He was suffering and it was a cure-less disease …. what has happen was good for everyone. i know … i might sound very harsh and rude but the fact true !!

Meshomoshai was a very fine gentleman …. always caring for his family and also his brothers and sisters families too.  i never imagined this hard to cure disease can every touch such nice soul. Whenever we used to going to their house …. he used to bring spice fries and sweets … used to eat and chat …. and the time used to fly. With time things change and so does the situation of everybody’s life. Now a days …. no one know what will happen to whom and when …. life is so unpredictable !!


May meshomosha-er soul rest in peace and may God the Almighty give them  courage to bear this situation…