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End of a Soulful Life ….

One of my uncle (Deven meshomoshi) passed way on the night of 21st March ! He had malignant brain tumor – most rare and highly dangerous. This type of tumor spreads very fast and survival chance are almost nil. They (Anupam and Animesh … his sons) tried their best to get him well – but alas … their attempt  to make him well again  - failed. No one can understand or can feel the pain they’re going through … i 

Memorable Train Journey ….

It is not that i have not been to Kolkata for a long time. In fact last year itself i went to Kolkata with jethu  (my uncle) …. it was a beautiful trip. i write all my train journeys in my travel notebook, but i feel too lazy to write them here on my blog. After sometime – i feel these journeys are too old to be written here. This journey is special and memorable for three reasons. One –