My new “blog template” …

As i wrote before … last year my mom brought me a Sony “Vaio” laptop – its screen is much larger than the normal ones …. so the templates i used before didn’t fit my screen and they all looked odd. The psychological effect it had on me was i didn’t feel like opening my blog as it didn’t look good. One day i asked my cousin to make a template that would fit and look good on my “larger than life” screen. She created this one – actually all the templates i use are created by Raycreationsindia – and this is one of them. Now i can be regular on my blog again as i love the new look of my blog. Please tell me how do you like the new look !!

p.s  i haven’t changed the “facebook” link … if u click on the facebook icon … raycreationsindia facebook ac will appear – i asked my brother how to change it and link it to my fb ac but he seems to be busy all the time : not now mani – i have to send an email or i m watching this movie it very interesting or i m sleeping or i m cooking or …… and the list goes on !!  — so don’t know how long i have to wait till i can change it to my ac – till then click fb icon only if you are interested in making an web site or use interesitng and creative template 🙂 ….. sounds like i m promoting my brother’s business but sorry didn’t mean that way !

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